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He who loves the sea loves also the ship's routine.
Vixen knew the routine of travelling as well as she knew my office-work.
There was nothing in his composition to which drill and routine appealed.
Our general routine was this: -- Pompey, having rolled himself well in the mud, sat upon end at the shop door, until he observed a dandy approaching in bright boots.
Rose was convinced that Martin would make too unkind a father; he had no wish for another taste of the general confusion and disorganized routine her confinement had entailed.
After the first shock of parting was over, things went back to their accustomed routine.
I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.
I think anything out of the ordinary routine of life well worth reporting.
He had seen enough of other young men who had dreamed his dream, though perhaps less ardently, and who had gradually sunk into the placid and luxurious routine of their elders.
The passengers soon learned to accommodate themselves to their new circumstances, and life in the ship became nearly as systematically monotonous as the routine of a barrack.
Philip went on asking the regulation questions, some a mere matter of routine, others artfully devised to lead the patient to discover things which he might be expected to desire to conceal.
All the days of the family would be spent after much this same routine, except Saturday and Sunday.