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Scenes of fighting cocks, as portrayed in Azad Hezme's "Bataille de Coqs," are rowdier than the other works on show here.
For this crew - a new governor and lieutenant governor, and a speaker interested in keeping the rowdier elements of both parties at bay -that probably beats the alternative.
The nightlife is bloody good too, whatever you are into, be it jazz or something a bit rowdier.
FRIDAY nights have got a lot rowdier since The Musketeers moved from their Sunday night slot, throwing us head-first each week into a brand new silly adventure.
The self-proclaimed farm boys made a fun song even more fun and rowdier by inviting dozens of "audience members" on stage during their rendition of One Direction's "Best Song Ever.
The fashion equivalent of fusion cuisine, albeit a bit rowdier, it is, he said, "the most important message of the runways for fall.
Their rowdier cousin, the red grouper, can be counted on to shake free a time or two even from the World Wrist Wrestling Champion.
Washington, April 23 ( ANI ): When 6-10 year old children ate foods they had to bite with their front teeth - like drumsticks, whole apples, or corn on the cob - they were rowdier than when these foods had been cut, a new study has suggested.