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The Nookat rayon prosecutor's office launched a criminal probe under criminal charges with rowdiness.
The general assembly meeting of a well-known club in Adliya is soon approaching, around December 12, and even though they expect you to attend without any refreshments available in case it encourages rowdiness, I urge you all to turn up as we cannot allow this club to fail like it has for the last couple of years.
The Tory candidate unveiled his plan to fight the "incivility, rowdiness, violence" often seen on public transport.
After hours of rowdiness and rough-housing with their new bandit-eyed friend, the team found him so endearing that they voted him an honorary Foundation rider, without having seen him skate.
In Boston, higher ed-city hall relationships hit a new low when student drinking and rowdiness after a Red Sox game led to the death of a college student at the hands of a Boston Police Riot Squad in 2004.
The fact that the deputy was present at all was because of concerns communicated from bus drivers on this route, who complained of rowdiness by students on the bus, riders throwing things out of the bus and eating and drinking on the bus.
Police in Bournemouth, England, combat rowdiness at last call with chocolate bars.
Influenced by the rowdiness of Guns 'n' Roses, Dinosaur Jr's threesomeness and Nirvana's social consciousness, Living Things is loud and proud
I did not notice any drug-taking (although of course I did not enter the gents' toilets) nor the rowdiness that so many of your correspondents complained about.
A TOP nightclub which was shut down because of rowdiness has launched an amazing legal bid to get its licence back.
The rowdiness grew as McReynolds made point after point.
The insipid sea foam and peach color-scheme contrasted with blaring disco music, decor and soundtrack coalescing ingeniously into the proper Jenny ambiance of bland rowdiness.