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Fill cracks or holes with filler and rub down when set.
SHE'S J OILOVER HIM Paul Flaherty gets a rub down in Doyles Pub in Dublin NUDE BEHAVIOUR is caught with his pants down GAME FORA LAUGH In Croker
Rub down everything that is to be stained and repair any splinters or loose screws.
Once the compound has been applied, rub down with white spirit.
Then was drizzled with delicioussmelling exotic flower oil - I could literally feel my neglected skin soaking it up - before Amy started to rub down my arms and legs with salt.
We have got the time to be able to give them a rub down and some new paint and make them look new.
Rub down with medium and then fine sandpaper and use spray paints to give it a new lease of life.
Then just give it a light rub down to make sure the new coat of paint will adhere sufficiently.
A Give the existing door a good rub down with a medium grade abrasive paper and clean the surface with white spirit until it is perfectly clean.