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Rub shoulders with high society and take in the sidewalk cafes and high-end shopping in one of the city's classiest neighborhoods.
In large urban centres such as London or Manchester, for instance, schooling at all levels still takes place in a diverse array of buildings from the Victorian monolith to the flimsy postwar prefab, patched up and retrofitted as funds and fashion permit, and arriviste redbrick universities rub shoulders with historic seats of learning.
It meant that the restaurant's owner, Athair Khan, got to rub shoulders with the cream of the nation's culinary crop at a glittering awards ceremony in London.
Under his direction, religious fundamentalists and Social Darwinists are made to rub shoulders with aboriginal half-castes, imperial officials, rogue sailors, petty thieves, vicious convicts and even the occasional innocent in the everchanging world of the first half of the 19th century.
People who remain vivid in the popular imagination rub shoulders with others half-forgotten.
The tourists and residents who will flock to the new restaurants, modern-day movie palaces and entertainment/retail venues will rub shoulders with the information, financial and media workers who occupy the adjacent office towers.
People don't throng there to rub shoulders with it.