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Top style mag New York blasted "her insistence on continuing to rub shoulders with her greasy, pasty, substance-bloated boyfriend".
HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Jessica (Cecile De France) takes a job as a waitress in a Parisian cafe to rub shoulders with arty types.
THE Queen got to rub shoulders with the dynasty of rock during the week when she met guitar legends Brian May, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton at a Buckingham Palace bash.
Elder statesmen Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley rub shoulders with the Nickel Creek whippersnappers, while host Ricky Skaggs welcomes current genre maestros (Del McCoury, Alison Krauss and Union Station, prodigal daughter Patty Loveless) and a handful of attuned outsiders (country stars Travis Tritt and Vince Gill, eclectoid Bruce Hornsby) into assorted stage configurations.
A new concert series in Co Durham libraries will see Lennon and McCart-ney rub shoulders with Handel and Gershwin.
A trade fair in the city of Brno will give engineers a chance to rub shoulders with possible contacts from countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Germany and China.
The tourists and residents who will flock to the new restaurants, modern-day movie palaces and entertainment/retail venues will rub shoulders with the information, financial and media workers who occupy the adjacent office towers.