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One consumer who bought what he thought were a dozen normal eggs from the state capital's largest vegetable and provision market in Chala was quoted as saying that the eggs extremely hard to crack and that the contents turned rubbery on being put on the fire.
The above-ambient starting temperatures were used as only the rubbery modulus was of interest in these tests; additionally starting at elevated temperature reduced the possibility of reaching the instrument's force limit or the sample slipping in the clamps.
latex with and without rubbery material fresh whole latex and latex devoid of rubbery material was taken and kept at room temperature for 20 days.
A common bumblebee's wings don't have rubbery spots, but spinning them in the collider didn't cause damage as severe as in yellow jacket wings with a glitter-stiffened joint.
In that rubbery state, compounds may start reacting with each other faster due to increased molecular mobility, leading to significant chemical degradation.
As a rubbery insert of a shoe or layered in the interior of a pneumatic tire, it could harvest enough energy expended while traveling to power small electronics.
It's kind of long, overly well-defined and rubbery looking.
Listening to their music is sort of like watching a balloon inflate: starts out rubbery and full of potential, expands into a gigantic ball that you can tie up and bat around with the palms of your hands.
A rubbery mouth yawns from the depths groping for a
In an experiment on a mixture of water, surfactant (soap) and an organic salt, two researchers from the Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at Penn State show that a rigid object like a knife passes through the mixture at slow speeds as if it were a liquid, but rips it up as if it were a rubbery solid when the knife moves rapidly.
Sylvia Hall's "Don't Touch That Thing" locks into a rubbery New Orleans groove, and Jay Mitchell's 12-minute version of "Mustang Sally" will exhaust even the hardiest dancers.
The chips in my 85p cone weighing 250g on my in-car scales were lukewarm, rubbery and rather tasteless, proving you can't Wyn-em-All.