rubbing away

See: erosion
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Pickwick, rubbing away with all his might, and gazing intently through his spectacles--'I can discern a cross, and a 13, and then a T.
To serve Remove pork conflict from lard or duck fat, rubbing away as
It's true not everything works (the first half of what threatened to become a Ken Dodd-length show at the Empire flagged a little towards the interval while some flights of fancy never really took off) but the shaggy-haired comedian is undeterred, snatching at the next idea, turning it over like Gollum with a ring, and rubbing away until he finds something peculiarly precious.
By rubbing away the line drawn in haste in the last gasps of the British Empire by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, the South Asians could resolve the Kashmir question for good.
First try rubbing away scratches with a freshlyshelled walnut.
Dab off with a tissue, sprinkle with neat bicarbonate of soda and leave to dry before rubbing away with a stiff brush.
By rubbing away the silver coating on the card, players can instantly win prizes ranging from pounds 1 to the pounds 1,000 jackpot.
We have tried rubbing away the dry, ink-black growth, but it returns - bigger and darker than ever.
Pruning can range from rubbing away a new growth between one's thumb and forefinger or it can mean clipping with one of several types of pruning shears or handsaws, pole pruners or pole saws.
However, Clement shares their idea of baptismal illuminations' immediacy, a rubbing away of sleep from the eyes.
Choose copper, brass or white "crayons" and then set to work, gently rubbing away at your masterpiece.
But ever the gentleman, he did his best to warm us up by giving us huge bear hugs and rubbing away our goose bumps.