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Regional co-ordinator Geoff Clack said: "The students who are competing in the finals will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan - something enthusiasts dream of.
THE Taoiseach will find himself rubbing shoulders with, shaking the hand and praising the talents of a certain Ray Burke next Wednesday night in the National Library of Ireland.
Then w e want you to send us snaps of you rubbing shoulders with celebs
It is good to see that while Eurovision hopeful James Fox may have spent the last few months rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, he is still a Valleys boy at heart.
WREXHAM manager Den is Smith will be rubbing shoulders with Premiership counterparts Sir Alex Ferguson and Gerard Houllier tomorrow when he receives an award to mark the Dragons' promotion last season.
It's one of those grand old stories from the San Fernando Valley's rich past when film moguls like Harry Warner and actors like Ronald Reagan were rubbing shoulders with GIs coming home from World War II looking for a little fun and camaraderie.
FOOTBALLERS from a Coventry school could be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane during a trip of a lifetime.
So she went shopping in London's Sloane Street with hours to go - and scored a stunning checked coat-dress fit for rubbing shoulders with royalty.
When your message appears in somebody's RSS newsreader, it has a diminutive footprint that's rubbing shoulders with a flood of headlines from other sites," said Jakob Nielsen, co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group, "Newsletters are a much more powerful medium than RSS feeds, and I would not be surprised if it turns out that companies make 10 times as much money from each newsletter subscriber.
Then we want you to send us snaps of you rubbing shoulders with celebs