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Both scribes supplied rubricated chapter numbers, but the first did this according to the chapter's place within the six books, while the second did it according to the chapter's place in the distinctions.
122 is blank) the passage introducing the description of the see is rubricated.
They are more clearly labeled, more often rubricated, available in discrete copies, deposited in archives.
r], with the rubricated introduction 'Here eendi[thorn] [thorn]e condicions of char;iQte & begynni[thorn] [thorn]e abbeye of holy goo [.
The evidence of rubricated Sarum missals also provides evidence that, where the season was extremely short, the masses of the first three weeks were compressed into the available period,(12) in which case all three masses might occur annually.
The two letters, m s, carved and rubricated and placed underneath a banquet-scene relief have been interpreted by J.