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6) If a scribe wanted to produce a large book in a hurry, he could farm out sections to his neighbours, or call on one of them to complete the rubrication or decoration.
15) Such an interpretation would be in keeping with the rubrication and the program of illumination of this geste, which opens as Julien calls an official gathering of his court for the disposition of his domains and the settling of his children's futures.
1) with a demonstration of how variously the poem was read: she examines comments on its love-allegory and view of love and women (the querelle de la Rose); rubrication and decoration, and the kind of text the Rose is associated with in anthologies; annotation, and the way it homes in on selected passages; abridgement and interpolation, often working in opposite directions upon the same materials.
Noting similar variations in rubrication, Symes cites two texts of the Anglo-Norman Seinte Resureccion, the earlier of which features complicated rubrics indicating speaker changes while the later lacks any rubrication at all.
The disposition of text on the page, its arrangement into sections, the use of headings, rubrication, and initials to create a hierarchy of meaning all contributes to, indeed helps to determine, the status of its constituent parts.
Such a hypothetical pattern of rubrication would fit very well indeed with Robinson's reading of the structure of the combined Rewards of Piety; the fact that we have a pattern of rubrication so different suggests that at least the rubricator of this portion of CCCC 201 misinterpreted the visual cues left by the main scribe.
Each of the catalogue's manuscript entries begins with a thorough codicological summary that includes (when appropriate) former shelfmarks, date, foliation, material, watermark, size, number of gatherings, signatures, binding labels, inscriptions, text block size, ink, lineation, script type, text hands, musical notation, initials, rubrication, place of origin, and provenance.
Although the decoration of MS 12786 was never completed, the pattern of rubrication and blank spaces allows us to deduce the projected form of the collection.
In conclusion she examines the physical appearance of manuscripts, the layout of the text, its decoration and rubrication, and suggests that these visual features were regarded not as mere illustration or aids to the illiterate but as mnemonic cues and an integral part of the text's meaning.
Rubrication can appear in many forms, but for the purpose of comparative analysis, initial letters, paragraph marks, underlinings, and initial strokes are considered in Caxton's six folio and fifteen quarto editions issued between 1476 and 1478, of which sixty-one of the seventy-five recorded copies have so far been examined, thirty-eight of which contain rubrication.
25) Huot aptly demonstrates, however, that the rubrication and illumination of compilations of this sort clearly suggests that the individual pieces were eventually assembled into coherent and unified books.
Not wanting to interrupt the rhythm of his thoughts as he was writing, he went back later to copy in the rubrication, collating his copy against his exemplar hastily by sight rather than carefully in the sequence of his copying.