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The ruby has fallen out of his sword, his eyes are gone, and he is golden no longer," said the Mayor in fact, "he is litttle beter than a beggar
In fact he would certainly have done so, had not Ruby unearthed some old pantomime paste jewels she had worn at a fancy dress party as the Queen of Diamonds.
Ruby Gillis, who got a glimpse of it as it went down, told the others going home from school that she'd "acksually never seen anything like it--it was so white, with awful little red spots in it.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 31, 2018-Bay Point Advisors Provides Funds to NRD Capital in USD 335m Ruby Tuesday Sale
Swiss cocoa giant Barry Callebaut announced its latest offering, the Ruby chocolate, which comes in a shade of trendy millennial pink.
Ruby Evans, described as an "amazing little girl", went into a two-week coma at just 14 months old after being struck down with suspected mitochondrial disease.
Ruby is the creation of Yukihiro Matsumoto, who felt that there was a lack of proper object-oriented languages, and that on most languages it felt like the feature was tacked on.
TWO of Northern Ireland's most iconic names - Tayto and Ruby Murray - are being brought together in a bid to curry favour with crisp lovers.
Ruby was frightened by the sight of a woman holding a black baby doll in a coffin.
Metaprogramming Ruby 2: Program Like the Ruby Pros teaches the basics of how to write powerful Ruby code, has been completely revised and updated to explain the basics of metaprogramming, and offers programmers the chance to absorb the basics of using it to tackle common programming challenges.
IF it wasn't for the Parent and Child sessions at Red Boots my expectations of what Ruby is capable of would be totally different.
Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals provides a fine review for developers who want to know more about the Ruby language and its possibilities, and explains how Ruby works by linking simple experiments with Ruby code.