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The Ruckus solution being deployed by Guangxi Unicom includes outdoor mesh APs, indoor Wi-Fi gateways, long-range, high-speed wireless bridges for backhauling, and system-wide network management.
As important as the skill-sharing is, says Cannon, Ruckus is also about fostering a sense of community within the movement.
It's our mission to help parents navigate this complex landscape while continuing to engage children with high quality content they want to read, play and watch again and again," said Rick Richter, CEO, Ruckus Media Group.
The Ruckus organisation will be led by current Ruckus CEO, Selina Lo, and report directly to Brocade CEO, Lloyd Carney.
Currently, Boingo is deploying Ruckus smart Wi-Fi technology at Marine Corps, Army and Air Force bases across the US, with Boingo Broadband and IPTV service going live as each base installation is completed.
NEBO has deployed redundant ZD5000s to manage more than 625 Ruckus 802.
Ruckus, our partners and our customers have worked extremely hard to get to this point, but this really is just the beginning," said Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless.
Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi offers a simple-to-deploy, less time-intensive alternative to on-premises controller architectures and will enable even the most IT-constrained organizations to easily manage dozens or even hundreds of sites.
This acquisition will be conducted by means of an exchange offer for all of the outstanding shares of Ruckus.
These include Ruckus ZoneFlexTM R710 access points, the industry's first to ship 802.
RCNA certification is intended for Ruckus partners and network administrators who manage ZoneDirector-controlled wireless networks," said Nader Baghdadi, Middle East Regional Director, Ruckus.
Ruckus is one of the first Wi-Fi suppliers to receive