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RUDENESS, crim. law. An impolite action; contrary to the usual rules observed in society, committed by one person against another.
     2. This is a relative term which it is difficult to define: those acts which one friend might do to another, could not be justified by persons altogether unacquainted persons moving in polished society could not be permitted to do to each other, what boatmen, hostlers, and such persons might perhaps justify. 2 Hagg. Eccl. R. 73. An act done by a gentleman towards a lady might be considered rudeness, which, if done by one gentleman to another might not be looked upon in that light. Russ. & Ry. 130.
     3. A person who touches another with rudeness is guilty of a battery. (q.v.)

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But the rudeness and cruelty were essential to driving his talent as a satirical novelist.
Personal-computer technology has spawned a vigorous rudeness that would be impossible without word processing.
I've never experienced rudeness like that in my career.
But rudeness in retaliation for rudeness just doubles the amount of rudeness in the world.
Agents as a class tend to veer sharply between the heights of ingratiation and the depths of dismissive rudeness, but agent excess has been tamed by the infusion of private equity, the hiring of corporate CFOs and restrictions on perqs and expense accounts.
Sherlock doesn't care about anyone's feelings, is never embarrassed and is blunt to the point of rudeness.
I was subjected to such terrible rudeness that all I could think of was going home and hiding, pain, sickness or not.
But when properly deployed, rudeness might actually be worth preserving, the philosopher Emrys Westacott argues in The Virtues of Our Vices (Princeton), along with gossip, snobbery, bawdy humor, and disrespect.
Expect random violence (mostly afflicted upon a diminutive Spanish waiter), obsequious toadying and down right rudeness while you try to enjoy a three-course meal without choking with laughter.
Besides, whenever the question or issue of encroachments is raised, the owners of these illegal and makeshift slaughterhouses often respond with great rudeness and even threats.
However, when looking at impolite behavior when dealing with government agencies, 28% of Israelis reported rudeness, compare to only 19% of Americans.
Most complaints were about rudeness, assault, or failure of duty.