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It's darker than Tartuffe in a way and I noticed that a lot of the versions had a lot of rudery in it, lots of bottoms and farting jokes, which I didn't really want to do, but still make it funny without mentioning down there.
He may not be the most avid reader the form book has ever known but, under cover of a veil of glibness and rudery, he brings the high flavour of racing to anybody with a taste for it.
Judging by the studio audience reaction when the programme goes behind the scenes on Men Behaving Badly, the sitcom is still in rude health - and today's red-hot rudery is tomorrow's warm nostalgia.
Like the best comedy, though, her material was free of rudery and peppered with glimpses of truth.
Christmas also brings two new shows: Terry Titter's latest festive rudery from December 9-18, and - definitely for all the family even if Terry isn't - a new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Red Shoes.