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KEY WORDS: Rudimentary horn, Unicornuate uterus, Uterine anomaly.
A NMC spokesman said: "The panel concluded Mr Toor's failings were of a rudimentary, wideranging and serious nature, and in those circumstances a suspension order would not adequately protect the public given his failure to remedy his practice.
Unicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn may be associated with many complications like infertility, endometriosis, hematometra, urinary tract anomalies, abortions, and preterm deliveries; 40% of women with unicornuate uterus have associated renal anomalies.
On exploration, a non-communicating rudimentary horn of gravid uterus was found on the left side, with a parous-size uterus on the right (Fig.
Case: A 21 year-old with a 32-week rudimentary horn pregnancy, diagnosed via exploratory laparotomy five days earlier, presented with acute right upper quadrant pain.
Cutting a road through the Blue Mountains of Australia took William Cox and a team of 30 convicts and eight guards only six months with rudimentary tools.
Researcher Catherine Boisvert: "This was the key piece of the puzzle that confirms that rudimentary fingers were already present in ancestors of tetrapods.
The extra digit can be well formed and functional, as in this case, or extremely rudimentary.
From the rudimentary "fuzzbuster" devices of the 1960s to the three-prong approach of EA-6B, TTPs, and commodity coordination of today, aircraft survivability equipment has come a long way toward insuring our ability to operate safely in an increasingly complex threat environment.
Although none of the Peacemakers spoke Arabic, they were able to make rudimentary conversation with one of the captors who spoke some English.
Smithson left only a rudimentary sketch of the proposed topography and landscape, so had to be creatively second guessed on several issues, though he did specify the presence of a weeping willow and moss just so on a particular boulder.