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underfed larvae at 38 dpf), whereas the former compared larvae of the same age (6 weeks) but different morphological stages (well-fed 8-arm larvae with rudiments vs.
Antennae usually with 13-22 segments, elytron and wing rudiments faintly marked directed downwards (Fig.
Readers are assumed to know the basics of linear algebra, the topology of Euclidean space, the calculus of two and three variables, and the rudiments of the theory of ordinary differential equations.
My peers and I attend courses learning the rudiments of SolidWorks, but rarely have to test our ability in hand drawing.
His scheme to publish, from 1850 onwards, a series of books outlining the rudiments of knowledge for the monoglot Welsh was soon superseded by a far more ambitious plan to publish a gwyddoniadur (encyclopaedia).
As she learns the rudiments of knitting, she also learns how to stitch her life back together.
At the MBA level, most financial-statement-analysis textbooks also have a chapter on the rudiments of FAS No.
But it was during these years that I began to realize just what a gift the fear of God really is, even the very rudiments of servile fear.
Before we can describe the benefits of the DTE, we must examine some of the rudiments of the 1031 Exchange.
This introductory hand-drumming course will teach basic drum patterns, how to play with a group, the rudiments of improvisation and the drumming practices of other cultures.
Youngsters of any standard are invited to attend and will be shown the rudiments of angling by professionally qualified coaches.