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So saying, with downcast lids and a dignity which was somewhat marred by her bedraggled skirt, she swept off down the muddy track, leaving Alleyne standing staring ruefully after her.
Pollyanna rose to her feet, but she laughed a little ruefully.
Here he sate down, and bade me be seated; though I thought he looked a little ruefully from his clean chair to my muddy rags.
Glorvina sported the killing pink frock, and the Major, who attended the party and walked very ruefully up and down the rooms, never so much as perceived the pink garment.
Kitty was silent for a few seconds, looking timidly and ruefully at her husband; then she went up and took him by the elbow with both hands.
said Gabriel, putting his wig on one side to scratch his head with greater ease, and looking ruefully at the fire.
Either the master or the manner of this remark, which was made very ruefully, delighted Charley Bates so much, that his consequent shout of laughter roused the Jew from his reverie, and induced him to inquire what was the matter.
The informer wiped his brow ruefully as he said it, sitting in his boat and always staring disconsolate.
The little man shook his head, and scratched it ruefully as he contemplated this severe indisposition of a principal performer.
Dowd thought he'd never be caught but ruefully says this might have been because of the copious amount of cocaine he was snorting.
Long's cost about $1,500, but having professionals fix it up with antique fittings and a real leather banquette ran up the tab--"I probably spent more than I should have," she says ruefully.
He's happy to play Wolverhampton Civic Hall at a push, but - as he ruefully points out - he's more at home at village halls and hospices.