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We can look to a selection from an earlier poem to see the apocalyptic qualities ruefulness elicits in Rehm's poetry.
Today, as she tends her garden in a retirement community, Brevard considers her glamorous past with a mix of ruefulness and pride.
She does not regret the decision, though there is some ruefulness in her treatment of it.
Tocqueville is not so much condemnatory as rueful; and his ruefulness is not confined to the whites of America: "Would not one say," he asks, that "the European is to men of other races what man himself is to the animals?
Patrons can acknowledge, vicariously, the booty-shaking lewdness, the ruefulness, and killer jealousies nixed by Anglo-Protestant mores.
In fact, its ruefulness is precisely the draw of ``700 Sundays,'' says Shirley Fishman, associate artistic director at the La Jolla Playhouse, where an early version of ``700 Sundays'' was developed in mid-2004.
Still as delicately lacerating as she was back in her sensitive-thing heyday of ``Society's Child'' and ``At Seventeen,'' Ian infuses this new set of folk compositions with mature romantic ruefulness, righteous sexual politics and a wise appreciation for the people and places that give her satisfaction.
Jones gets a little carried away with some of the comic numbers, but her failed marriage anthem, ``Stars and the Moon'' strikes just the right tone of ruefulness.
Sometimes the scenes that make up ``Good Doctor'' are a balancing act between Simon's easily digested humor and Chekhov's ruefulness.
But since Lyne's limited agenda is so big on ruefulness, you just can't imagine a better sad sack for the job.