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The four remaining ruffians backed quickly from the hut, and a more cautious fighter would have let them go their way in peace, for in the open four against one are odds no man may pit himself against with impunity.
The sight of this gang of ruffians banded together to prey upon the clergy had given rise to an idea in the boy's mind, which had been revolving in a nebulous way within the innermost recesses of his subconsciousness since his vanquishing of the three knights had brought him, so easily, such riches in the form of horses, arms, armor and gold.
The last two clauses of these articles of faith appealed to the ruffians so strongly that they would have subscribed to anything, even daily mass, and a bath, had that been necessary to admit them to the service of Norman of Torn.
The great ruffian paused, then stopped, slowly a sheepish smile overspread his countenance and going upon one knee he took the hand of Norman of Torn and kissed it, as some great and loyal noble knight might have kissed his king's hand in proof of his love and fealty.
It is proper to add, that the ruffian was well received among the tribe, and appeared to be perfectly satisfied with the compromise he had made; feeling much more at his ease among savages than among white men.
As soon as the old gentleman came into his house, the old woman began her congratulations on his happy escape from the ruffians.
Then he raised his revolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon him with his dangerous riding-crop swinging in his hand.
You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her?
Of the fate of Carruthers, I have no record, but I am sure that his assault was not viewed very gravely by the court, since Woodley had the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think that a few, months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.
How can a motley mob of a few hundred uneducated and uncouth ruffians hold a nuclear-weapons state hostage in its own federal capital?
He suggested to the people to form local committees consisting of the sensible virtuous persons to keep vigil on the activities of the known ruffians and the strangers with suspicious movements without getting panicky and issue necessary advisories to the people particularly the women folk for their safeguard.
the authors demonstrate that ruffians, victims, and conquerors can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.