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High efficiency corresponds with low heat output, and high ruggedness (ability to withstand 10:1 VSWR load mismatch) further contributes to the advantages of low component count made possible by the 700W output.
Ruggedness and reliability have always been very important design parameters in the LDMOS technologies brought to market by NXP Semiconductors.
It's impossible to listen to this riveting historical novel without recognizing that it could almost have been ripped from today's headlines: an invading Western army battling a fiercely determined foe in the geographically hostile environment of what is today Afghanistan and Iran--with the enemy using to its advantage the natural ruggedness of the country, national fanaticism, terrorist tactics and a stubbornness that shows no fear of dying for their cause.
This medium-wavelength unit reportedly combines the speed of quartz tubes with the ruggedness of panel heaters.
This EBX-compatible embedded PC allows manufacturers and integrators to design systems that have both ruggedness and low cost.
These stages should be identified, usually as a part of method development, and if possible, their influence on method performance evaluated using ruggedness tests, sometimes also called robustness tests.
Always they are thick and monolithic, providing a visual contrast with lighter infill panels, and they have a striated ruggedness which appeals today in a way which probably didn't in the past, when earth walls tended to be hidden behind plaster and whitewash.
LTCC materials are increasingly being used in wireless and interconnect applications because of their ruggedness, high thermal conductivity, and low expansion coefficient.
Of the various technologies vying to displace Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) as the dominant flat panel technology, Electroluminescent Displays (ELDs) are the only completely solid state display design and are unmatched for ruggedness.
Tino Moran's Hilarion avoided exaggerated ruggedness in favor of simplicity.
MONTREAL -- Addressing market demand for RF power devices featuring enhanced ruggedness and wideband operation over a broad frequency range, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) introduces two highly versatile devices engineered to deliver new levels of linearity and ruggedness for RF power products manufactured using LDMOS process technology.
These features allow the DiskOnKey device to emulate CD-R capability while improving on the portability and ruggedness CDs lack.