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In addition to ruggedness, common specifications for each device include wide gate source voltage range (-6V to 12V), and integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.
Organic LED displays also offer all the ruggedness of electroluminescent displays.
The portability and ruggedness of ASIST is enabled by its light weight, compactness, battery operation of 16 hours without recharging, high shock resistance and operation in high humidity.
Designers of military, transportation, industrial, and medical systems can afford to add ruggedness and high performance to more products than ever before.
For consumer electronic devices, such as set-top boxes, MP3 players, digital cameras and thin-client systems, flash memory-based mass data storage continues to be a superior alternative to traditional hard disk drives because of its ruggedness, small form factor and lower power consumption.
Fred Kornberg, President and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications, said, "This order reaffirms the performance, quality and ruggedness of Comtech EF Data's Satcom products.