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There is also an examination of the ways, often subtle and far removed from the grand politics of anti-colonial nationalism or socialism, in which people try to refuse ruination.
As Alice Mah reveals in her recent study, people live with industrial ruination all over the world.
The second part of the book explores themes of industrial ruination, such as reading landscapes of ruination and decline, and reinventing place.
Written for the academic theorist cum dereliction tourist, Industrial Ruination, Community, and Place brings to life three case studies of industrial decline, namely Niagara Falls, Canada/USA, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, and Ivanovo, Russia.
Paradoxically, during the Revolution, the country has been in a state of political and social ruination, and not economically speaking," Mr.
Businesses claim they are on the brink of ruination as gas works continue to disrupt the town.
It's disgraceful that mega-brewstered foreign owners are allowed to come in to our football and advocate its ruination.
Malcolm Rifkind celebrated a Tory victory in Scotland in 1955 with that same chilling smile that presided over the ruination of industry in Scotland last time round, and old Tory Teddy Taylor seemed to suggest that the idea of foisting the Poll Tax on Scotland before England 20 years ago was intended as a "privilege".
Move the U in the word RUINATION to the front of the word and we have an Amber Alert.
Regardless of inevitable ruination, however, he records like a Boy Scout: David Mancuso's initial parties at The Loft, 20-year-old Jelly Bean Benitez, Walter Gibbons' top ten records for a random week in 1975.
Lawson, "Putting It Back Together" is a memorable and highly recommended read focused on the lives of three successful yet incomplete people played out against the backdrop of a city determined to emerge from the ruination of Hurricane Katrina into an even better version of itself for the future.
And the less money you have got the better - people are too greedy and that can be your ruination.