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An unsophisticated teenager from a small coastal town, Freya feels herself to be no match for the gorgeous, slightly older and very manipulative Ruiner, who has, on a previous family holiday, attracted the attention of Freya's adored Luke.
les moyens de ne pas payer tes dettes, meme de ruiner tes creanciers" (29).
Pendant deux ans, Travis est torture par les tentatives de son psychiatre de le guerir de cette maladie honteuse qui, selon lui, va ruiner sa vie, le priver d'emplois et d'amis.
De maniere a me ruiner, pour que je puisse les lui remettre dans le delai qu'il aura assigne.
Delloiacono continued, saying moving toward granting almost exclusively cash-on-demand type terms in an atmosphere of over-restriction can be a general relationship ruiner.
Aussi Moguer s'imagine-t-il subir << la vengeance du pere Danziger, >> son ancien collaborateur qui aurait cherche a le ruiner :
Il illustre plutot, en l'amplifiant, la fascination horrifiee pour l'<< autre du meme >>, toujours prete a expulser le corps etranger et a ruiner le lien social"
Ancient curses can be quite the ruiner of one's day.
lost, to the ruiner of many, the last gilder he had just snatched from
Which reminds me that we should also have Ruiner Godden's This House of Brede on the list.
ROCK & POP The Manfreds: The Jam House, St Paul's Square, Birmingham 0121 200 3030; Polar Bear Club / Ruiner / Defeater: 7pm, O2 Academy 2, Dale End, Birmingham 0844 477 2000; John Head: O2 Academy 3, Dale End, Birmingham 0844 477 2000; Sonic Boom Six: The Asylum, Hampton St, Hockley; Band Showcase Night: The Roadhouse, Lifford Lane, Stirchley 0121 459 5660; Jibbering Sessions: 8pm, 23 St Mary's Row, Moseley; The Circus: Taylor John's House, Coal Vaults, Canal Basin, Coventry 024 7655 9958; Pink Flamingo: 8pm, Sound Bar, 213-215 Corporation St, Birmingham 0121 236 2220; The Midnight Club / Maycomb / Reluctant Heroes / China Red: 7.
He has learned from the Shaper's songs that he is a descendant of Cain, but, confident of his power over men, and having developed his verbal skills to a point at which he is able to use the device of "variation" (this term of course comes from the Lit side of the great divide) he can now define himself as "Grendel, Ruiner of Meadhalls, Wrecker of kings" (80).