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And when war came, its terrible fury hatched new monsters: ruinous economic disruption and barbaric totalitarianism.
Readers of books like Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters' Making Monsters (1995) need no further description of the hell such legal proceedings inflicted on innocent parents, condemned not only to estrangement from grown children but to devastating publicity, ruinous legal costs, and not infrequently the threat of actual imprisonment.
Enron's deal, offering between 14 and 18 cents on the dollar to hundreds of struggling companies, is the ruinous consequence of ignoring risk management.
But director Michael Winterbottom, it appears, was more interested in re-creating the feel of new wave club nights and the Ecstasy-fueled, financially ruinous scene at Wilson's fabled Hacienda venue than he was in exploring the musicians' immolating creativity.
This politically savvy but economically ruinous policy was predicated upon fears that a major bank failure would cause disruptions in the nation's banking system.
FIC maintains that by entering into the Mitte settlement, the company avoided a possible ruinous financial judgment; the incurrence of substantial legal fees; and the ongoing disruption to the business caused by Mitte's lawsuit.
Betting on booze, as everyone will tell you, is more ruinous than betting on West Ham.
Ortiz, meanwhile, continued to prove that the occasional home run ball need not be ruinous.
Our target customer is the woman or man with a good employment record, who would have an excellent credit history if not for an unfortunate turn of events including medical bills, a ruinous divorce or a mistake in judgment in guaranteeing a loan for others.
Speaking to the National Association of Head Teachers' conference in Bournemouth, he added: "The process can be utterly ruinous for staff.
Ortiz, meanwhile, continued to prove that allowing the occasional home run need not be ruinous.
In the Information age the protection of data plays a critical role, protection not only against would be cyber-terrorist hackers and corporate espionage, but protection against inadvertent errors that could be potentially ruinous.