rule upon

See: adjudicate
References in classic literature ?
It was ever your way, John Carter, to think last of your own life," he said; "but still more your way to command the lives and actions of others, even to the greatest of Jeddaks who rule upon Barsoom.
They desire to rule by force, imposing rule upon people, under the auspices of an untrue Islamic rule.
So simple, and yet we make it so hard for ourselves with rule upon rule upon rule.
As a matter of fact, Turkish voters will cast their votes on June 7 against a background of increased pressure exerted by the AKP rule upon dissent.
We are heartened by these steps and look forward to weighing in on the substance of the rule upon its release for public comment.
The merits of her own complaints about her husband's care are for others to rule upon, of course.
Additional issues remain for the court to rule upon that could ultimately impact the amount of the award, and any final ruling and award in the case is subject to appeal.
of New Jersey) examines the impact of colonialism and colonial rule upon the lives and experiences of the colonizers and the colonized in what today is known as Tanzania, a country in southeast Africa that comprises the former Tanganyika on the mainland, and two islands collectively called Zanzibar.
The bench also issued a rule upon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina' s government to explain in a week why the other accused including main opposition party's Acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and 39 others should not be granted bail.
Norris says the two-thirds requirement "upsets the bedrock principle of lawmaking by majority rule upon which the California Constitution was founded.
The court amended the rule upon the proposal of the Florida Supreme Court Criminal Steering Committee, in light of recent legislation.
The first blow, where the Court issued a ruling siding with petitioners that the SEC failed to properly consider the effect of the rule upon implementation and therefore vacated it, put the SEC's hopes of regulating FIAs on life support.