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By the ninth century, "peace had become Charlemagne's legacy to his descendants, part of the burden of Frankish rulership and part of the Carolingians' myth of themselves" (p.
Although it becomes rarer in the Viking Age, fort building was an important element of rulership as late as the tenth century, during the reign of King Harold Bluetooth (e.
Although it is unclear from the text whether the periods of subjugation occurred simultaneously with, or subsequent to, the rulership of the Judges, it is logical to assume that there were no extended gaps of more than a few months during which the country was without a leader.
The socio-political unrest which shook Bahrain earlier in 2011, as well as the continuing undertone of opposition toward the minority Sunni rulership, appears
Buena Vista and rising 4-year-old Rulership were made the joint early favorites for Sunday's Takarazuka Kinen, the final Grade 1 race of the spring racing season.
Greeks and Romans tended to break rulership into its constituent parts, but they retained the religious dimensions.
Ridden in mid-division as Rulership took over from Laaheb in front, the 2-1 market leader showed a telling turn of foot at the furlong pole to sweep to the front.
Why not emulate the PA's raison d'etre, remaining committed to negotiations in an interminable peace process, by also justifying their rulership in Gaza as a temporary or transitional measure on the way to two states--except, like (even worse) than the PA, Hamas offers no political and strategic clarity of how to get there or anywhere else?
But in Bahrain, the uprising is a Shia rebellion against the minority Sunni rulership of the island state.
During his chat with citizens, Kilicdaroglu said, "if the rulership turns into oppression, a society of fear will rise.
THIS sign is often misunderstood, thanks to the dual rulership of controversial Uranus and sober Saturn.
During his years of rulership, Sheikh Sabah, the 15th Amir of Kuwait and fifth within the constitutional era, had left his mark within the regional and international scene through his continuous efforts and determination to make Kuwait one of the key nations of the world.