rules of conduct

See: decorum
References in classic literature ?
His brow, upon which his little court read, as upon that of a god, all the movements of his soul, and thence drew rules of conduct, -- his brow, upon which affairs of state never impressed a wrinkle, was this evening paler than usual, and more than one friendly eye remarked that pallor.
To be brief, I led the aimless drifting life of a young, provincial thrown into the heart of a great city; still retaining some good and true feeling, still clinging more or less to the observance of certain rules of conduct, still fighting in vain against the debasing influence of evil examples, though I offered but a feeble, half- hearted resistance, for the enemy had accomplices within me.
I was very young, and associated only with the young, and we were a thoughtless, gay set, without any strict rules of conduct.
Disregarding the severe rules of conduct in such cases Monsieur George approached his adversary and addressed him directly.
The Rules of Conduct establish the high standards and level of professionalism required of CFP[R] professionals.
Boardrooms are shying away from firing staff who aren't up to the job for fear of ever changing rules of conduct
In these pacified areas, rules of conduct were sanctioned with a degree of generality and durability, which made it possible to accept them as 'objective' rules, as 'laws'.
The degree to which armed conflict is understood as covered by rules of conduct makes it impossible to find historical precedents for the events that have overwhelmed us.
It started out simply as a set of rules of conduct, drafted by K'ung Fu Tzu (Exalted Master K'ung, whose name was latinized to Confucius by Christian missionaries in the sixteenth century).
MBA electives in communications, with their golden rules of conduct, don't cut it.
No one is the sole proprietor of progressive virtue; no one has the right to impose rules of conduct upon the rest of us.
Their solution was to form groups or associations to share information and techniques with one another, establish rules of conduct and collegiality, and set standards and awards for achievement and mastery of skills in certain dancing genres.