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Supreme Court's unanimous ruling in its favor, a small American branch of a Brazilian-based church had little to say to the media.
In letter ruling 200521003, the IRS held that tuition paid to a school program to help dyslexic children deal with their condition was an IRC section 213(a) deductible medical expense.
Monday's rulings granting lesbian and gay couples more parenting rights drew ire from conservative groups opposing same-sex unions.
The proposed ethics ruling under Rule 102, "Integrity and Objectivity," would require that a member inform the client that he or she may be using a third-party service provider when providing professional services to the client, prior to sharing confidential client information with the service provider.
It simply is not clear whether the relationship has in fact been interrupted when civilian employers are more generous than what appears to have been contemplated by IRS rulings or by federal law guaranteeing reemployment and the protection of certain health and pension benefits to veterans.
This aspect is based on earlier rulings such as the one quoted by the three judges when they refer to the statement of Justice Peter Cory in M v H [1999] at 52-53:
The court's rulings affirm that colleges and universities may take race into account in order to achieve diversity on our campuses," said David L.
Unfortunately, these rulings may cause confusion rather than provide clarification.
Walter rulings against tax aid for sectarian schools.
Revenue rulings are published to provide precedents to be used in the disposition of other cases and may be cited and relied on for that purpose.