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This week, James Corden and co ruminate on the problems Brits face when they venture outside the house.
The iconic comedy troupe ruminate on existential themes in their uniquely surreal and silly style.
MONTY PYTHON'S THE MEANING OF LIFE Sky Movies Greats 6PM The iconic comedy troupe ruminate on existential themes in their uniquely surreal and silly style.
Write down a list of all the issues you ruminate over
Rather than a meditation on Christ's suffering, then, this series appears to be closer in temperament to the tradition of vanitas painting, in which the skull frequently features as a form of memento mori that speaks not simply of death but the reflective capacity to ruminate upon our own mortality and all that it means.
In over fifty essays, contributors ruminate on establishing entrepreneurship, controlling it, seeking and making use of motivation, establishing and applying ethics, experiencing and overcoming failure, making conscientious use of the environment, training hearts and minds for leadership, and developing vision.
We think that high emotional intimacy and sharing in the marriage may encourage a woman's tendency to ruminate about her depression, disrupting her ability to be available and supportive with her children," she said.
Dysphoria is associated with intrusive memories and with attempts to ruminate on these memories (Williams & Moulds, 2007a, 2007b).
One day after Kanye West performed alongside Jay-Z in Philadelphia's Made In America festival, the rapper took to his Twitter account to ruminate on what it means to use derogatory words in hip hop songs, most notably "bitch" and "n***a.
Some depressed people show that they have the propensity to ruminate," she said.
BRIANNA VAN DYKE started the literary magazine Ruminate in 2006 in part because she couldn't find the kind of magazine she wanted to read--what she describes as "a magazine that was inviting and playful, full of good literature and art that often intersected faith, and one that provided a quiet and contemplative space to pause and think about something again.
This is not the time to ruminate on what could have been, or should have been.