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Feeding behavior: time spent feeding (Feeding), ruminating (Rumination), and performing other activities (Other activities); total chewing time (TCT); number of feeding periods (NFP), rumination periods (NRP), and periods performing other activities (NOP); time per feeding period (TFP), per rumination period (TRP), and per period performing other activities (TOP); number of chews per ruminated bolus (RChC); chewing speed (ChS); time per chew (ChT); number of rumination chews per day (RChD); number of cuds ruminated per day (CRD); feed efficiency of dry matter ([FE.
In the evaluation of estimates of number of periods, time spent per period in feeding, rumination and idling and the time spent per ruminated bolus (Table 5), both null hypotheses were rejected, and therefore, the global bias was estimated (Table 6).
His Lordship ruminated that Sir John Scarlett might have been subconsciously influenced by the Prime Minister's desire to beef up the case for war.
As we sat on the rocks quietly taking in the beautiful scenery, our eyes slowly scanning the deep blue ocean below, we ruminated on the meaning of the experience.
In a Valentine's Day story, one writer ruminated on being single in a brave new gay world in which marriage seems to be the only option: "Is there room for me in a post-Stonewall era where the push to partner with a man has replaced the pressure to marry a woman?
John's Seminary in Camarillo lacked grass, ruminated on the spiritual value of the game - when to trudge forward, when to throw long, when to punt and when to pray.
In the 1957 essay "Princes and Powers," James Baldwin ruminated on the difference between black Americans and colonized people: "[We] had been made and mangled by, another machinery altogether.
In his heyday, Skilling once ruminated over a new motto for Enron, "the world's coolest company.
Marie-Claire adds, "He ruminated about it and said 'Let's do it.