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The back wall of Ruminator Books' Open Book location is saturated with the conservative ideologies of fellow tenants Milkweed and the Loft.
Ruminator Books has been in financial trouble most of 2003, in November they held an online auction of memorabilia donated by authors that attracted bids of up to USD500 per item, which raised enough money for the store to pay its rent, reports Publishers Weekly.
Ruminator Books,in St Paul, USA, has received items from important figures in the literary world, such as signed t-shirts and Paul Auster's broken reading glasses, to auction on eBay to help pay off the store's debt.
She calls them Ruminators - an apt description, when you consider both meanings of the word ruminate.
Evidence suggest rumination constitutes a response to negative mood (Rippere 1977), and can be perceived by ruminators as a potential way to solve their problems (Wells and Matthews 1994), although it most often exacerbates negative mood, impairs concentration, and problem-solving tasks (Lyubomirsky and Tkach 2004).
Why ruminators are poor problem solvers: Clues from the phenomenology of dysphoric rumination.
But as research led by the late Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD, of Yale University and colleagues consistently showed, ruminators rarely problem-solve their troubling thoughts away or even distance them effectively.
Thanks for sharing that": Ruminators and their social support networks.
WORCESTER -- Women aren't cows, but many are master ruminators.