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WORCESTER - A city man allegedly broke into Our Lady of the Angels rectory on Main Street after midnight yesterday, rummaged through several rooms, then fled with several gift cards after he was confronted.
Henry and his father rummaged through the basement until they found a gallon jar .
To get this polka-dotted party started, Maddie rummaged through her family's basement in search of long-forgotten furniture (freebies
The intruders rummaged through five classrooms, a teachers preparation room and the school office, taking a video camera and a small amount of cash, including $15 in student council funds and $6 deposited by students for a ``banking'' lesson, Principal Peggy O'Brien said Thursday.
95), taken from the pages of the Arcata Eye, adds an extra dose of insight to reports: "Imagine the creep-out factor: a resident of the 1600 block of 11th Street went out to her car and found the door opened and the inside rummaged through.
A BINMAN rummaged through a lorryload of rubbish to find pounds 1,000 a woman had accidentally thrown away.
Complicating this struggle--which, after all, might also be considered characteristic of the viewing of classical sculpture--is the object's state of having been disassembled, rummaged through, emptied.
We rummaged in the basement, we rummaged in the attic, we got people to give us newspapers; Tumosa says.
Wife Joan rummaged about in her purse at the Cancer Research do in London and handed him a fiver.