run across

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Mark Allison takes a picture of the > Pacific Ocean after finishing his epic run across Australia.
I saw him run across and then, as he went to run back, he was hit by the car.
Regis & Kelly's Run Across America with Dean Karnazes" is the popular morning talk show's most ambitious undertaking yet.
Instead of using a footbridge or subway to reach them, eager Roanna tried to run across the giant road junction.
Mark, 40, from Shotley Bridge, County Durham, started a 20-month regime for a 70-day, 2,600-mile run across Australia from October to December 2013.
with Regis and Kelly" has teamed up with ultramarathon runner, author and motivator Dean Karnazes for "Regis & Kelly's Run Across America with Dean Karnazes," a coast-to-coast challenge designed to inspire Americans to get up, get active and get healthy.
Their decision to ignore requests not to run across the 18-yard box helped spark a mass scuffle between United's players and Chelsea ground staff and stewards.
You never know what you're going to run across,'' said Sgt.
Advertisers can select tailored distribution channels by 16 major categories, or a campaign can run across the entire goWholesale network of sites that attracts over three million searches per month for wholesale products and small business services.
Mark 'Run Geordie Run' Allison's next challenge will be to run across Australia from west to east taking in 2,600 miles.
from Venice Beach in a run across the city that will take the Olympic flame on its way in four U.
Omni delivers the ability to troubleshoot and optimize distributed networks from a central location in real time, deploy and maintain VoIP and wireless infrastructure, and ensure the performance of applications that run across the network.