run against

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When you think about trying to run against Smarty Jones, it's very hard to find a weakness,'' Pletcher said.
Customers also have the ability to design their own analytical reports that can be run against Niku's configurable infrastructure.
Q: Assuming you run against Norm Coleman for the Senate in 2008, what becomes of Air America?
Jaynee Germond, a Lookingglass resident and member of the Constitution Party of Oregon, said she will run against DeFazio.
Ogonowski is seeking the Republican nomination to run against U.
He drove in two runs Saturday to tie the score in another game against Long Beach State and scored the winning run against No.
Four members of the Eugene City Council are running for re-election; no one filed to run against any of them.
Summary: DUBAI - More than 500 children from Dubai's French and Lebanese French-speaking schools will take part in Course Contre la Faim, or Run Against Hunger on March 8.
When another teacher Mr McAllister (the ever-watchable Matthew Broderick) bribes dumb jock Paul (Chris Klein) to run against Tracy in the school elections, she is mortified.
Summary: Arsenal have ended their five-match losing run against Chelsea with a stunning victory at Emirates Stadium.
In an interview with CNN's Larry King, Biden said that it would be "a really interesting race" if Palin were to run against Obama in 2012.