run foul of

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An orphan child raised by a preacher and destined to run foul of the law it's bloody murder that keeps Johnny running, with trouble on his tail.
Positive discrimination toward local SMEs will run foul of WTO rules.
When they run foul of a very ambitious FBI agent (Bradley Cooper), things become ultracomplicated.
Youssef, known as "Egypt's Jon Stewart" after modelling his Al-Bernameg (The Programme) on the US comedian's popular satirical news programme, had already run foul of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted by the military in July.
Sat, Electric) Inbred (18) Preview of Brit horror as young offenders and their care workers run foul of local inbred youths during a community service weekend in a remote Yorkshire village.
Almost all the individuals belong to the political opposition in their country and have run foul of their political opponents or the authorities of their country.
However, when countries develop their own trade and tariff policies, they can run foul of international trade agreements.
It's not just overzealous fans who've run foul of the purple Prince of pop.
As well as the usual death and danger, an added complication is that they run foul of an ongoing FBI investigation, as well.
But stricter controls could run foul of legislation allowing the free movement of workers in the EU.
EFFORTS to turn the site of former well-known hotel into a care home have run foul of planners.
This 'division' could end up causing headaches to both sides and eventually even a rift, especially since President Obama's desire to train and leave behind effective Afghan forces and start withdrawing American forces could run foul of an intact and resurgent Taliban movement in Afghanistan," the editorial went on to add.