run of luck

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He had time, likewise, to see the radiant countenance of the cardinal, when he perceived before him, upon the table, an enormous heap of gold, which the Comte de Guiche had won in a run of luck, after his eminence had confided his cards to him.
That 'ere Dodger has such a run of luck that there's no standing again' him.
Fred felt sure that he should have a present from his uncle, that he should have a run of luck, that by dint of "swapping" he should gradually metamorphose a horse worth forty pounds into a horse that would fetch a hundred at any moment--"judgment" being always equivalent to an unspecified sum in hard cash.
They had evidently had a run of luck, and, like winning gamblers, were in high good humor.
I have had a pretty good run of luck here, and here's two hundred and thirty pounds.
He said: "When you're having a bad run of luck like we were, you never think your luck is going to turn but then things suddenly start going well for you.
ALAN Pardew's run of luck has put the club back yet another year.
The run of luck for UK players doesn't end there - this Friday, EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle guarantees that one lucky ticket-holder will win PS1 million a month for a whole year.
Although he might have been hoping to turn over a new leaf, it looks like the jinxed star is set to continue his bad run of luck and is back in hospital yet again.
South Wales has had its good run of luck in April, 226 players in Port Talbot shared PS2m.
In addition to the fantastic run of luck with big winners in 2012, EuroMillions players are also making a difference to communities across the UK, contributing to the pounds 30m raised every week for National Lottery Good Causes.
While this could be due to natural variability - a bad run of luck, if you will - climate scientists are conducting ongoing research to see if there may be something else causing it, possibly changes in sea surface temperatures due to natural cycles.