run the risk

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The sooner that contract situation is sorted out the better because they run the risk of losing him.
A small minority are still prepared to run the risk to shave a couple of minutes off their journey.
Cabinet members were warned that, without the handout, Birmingham could run the risk of having the super hospital open without direct road access for at least nine months.
Drivers run the risk of a hefty fixed-penalty fine if spotted throwing litter out of car or lorry windows.
Visitors now run the risk of paying; further hefty fines when they park their car
We do know that if you do not look at both the asset side and liability side of your company, you run the risk of overlooking half of your risk exposure.
The Zambian government also said it fears European Union countries would refuse imports from Zambia since their crops might run the risk of "contamination" from the genetically modified grain.
Some babies are born already infected, and the others run the risk of acquiring the virus through breast milk.
The lifestyle is so enticing that he and his neighbors are willing to run the risk, he says.
The nine-member panel said sitting judges who answer the questionnaire run the risk of violating the state's Canons of Judicial Ethics, which forbid judges from giving their opinions on matters that may come before the court.
Pregnant women with high skeletal lead concentrations run the risk of exposing their children to lead during critical periods of fetal development.
The Leicester boss said: "Frank had been booked only a few minutes earlier, and when you do something else in the penalty area, you do run the risk of a red card.