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The result, on paper at least, ought to be an urban runabout impossible for canny buyers in this sector to ignore.
Each of the new Runabout Chronograph Automatics will be delivered in a specially designed gift box, complete with a delightful miniature replica of a wooden Runabout.
Two other jet-ski riders from Qatar followed Al Sharshini on to the top step of the podium, with Tamir Abu Faisal winning both Novice Runabout Stock class races and Rashid Al Manai claiming a first and a third in the Expert Runabout Stock class, which was good enough for him to take the honours.
The format for these races consisted of a first set of heats for the Runabout Stock, Runabout Super Stock and Open classes.
Overall it's a good take on the supermini genre and certainly delivers as a family runabout that offers a splash of style for a price that stays just the right side of pounds 10,000.
At Doha Bay, Zapata confirmed his top seeding with a second successive victory in the coveted Runabout class after another close encounter with Class 1 racing's Nadir bin Hendi.
Kuwaiti drivers dominated the Runabout up to 1600 cc race, taking all three top places with Mohammad Jasem Al Bazz finishing first, followed by Mohammad Ebrahim Bu Rabie, last year's reigning champion, and Abdul Rahman Gazi Al Badr.
On the other hand the Runabout offers an elegant duo of automatic chrono-graphs with a design perfectly adapted to the fascinating and nostalgic, teak-wooden luxurious motor yachts of the 1920s, created to celebrate the brand's involvement in the annual 'HE[umlaut]lice Classique' - a so-phisticated event honouring the classical Runabout yachts.
CAR HIRE firm Avis reckons it is cheaper - by pounds 6,000 and more a year - to downsize from a large gas-guzzler such as the RangeRovertoa small city runabout, and then hire a grander machine as and when you need one.
David Maclean, 54, got himself the pounds 3,300 fattyre runabout at the taxpayers' expense.
Fine you might think, but whereas Cardiff Bus had a pounds 3 day runabout ticket which she could use to get into Cardiff and out to wherever else she might like to go, the return ticket is pounds 3.
I WAS born a long time ago in Rushton Street, Ladywood, and when we had time we got some old pram wheels and a couple of planks of wood and made ourselves a runabout.