running account

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Deposit paid in cash by bank transfer will be considered effective only when the bank running account of the above confirms that such transfer received before the deadline offers.
What I wish to know is why the media, especially the BBC, give us a running account of British casualties but never give the Taliban casualties.
The college paper at Virginia Polytechnical Institute kept a running account of the tragedy that struck the campus today, with more than 30 students gunned down in at least two areas of the campus, a dorm and a classroom.
He intersperses his tale with a running account of the Imperial diehards' final abortive coup attempt to delay the inevitable.
He will give 30 million viewers of the US show Good Morning America a running account of this weekend's pageantry.
Kroeger's book is about the other Bly -- her personal life and troubles -- and a blow by blow running account of her life as a journalist, first with the Dispatch in Pittsburgh, then with the New York World and the Journal.
During the long hours of yesterday the couple, from Bridgend, South Wales, were given a running account of the operation by doctors.
Compensation Form: Running account with fastprisdel.
Tenders are invited for Spl Repair To Roof Toilets And Joinery In Spta Spare Part Tech Assitstance Vdra Veh Daily Running Account And Ankur Building At Mt Pool Ge Sect In Tp Area At Ins Kalinga
In a fourth case, the court heard the testimony of a prosecution witness against a citizen of a Gulf country accused of setting up and running accounts on WhatsApp and Twitter to promote terrorist ideology and publish hatred against the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.