running away

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When we tell people we are running away to Gretna, everyone is delighted for us.
There should be no conversation that's too uncomfortable to have with your child, and discussing the tough stuff could really make a difference and help stop them running away.
Yarmand pledged his commitment to ending abuses by the police, saying that all police had been instructed that running away is not a crime.
However, there is no association found between almost all of the criminal behaviors and running away (with the exception of selling drugs).
Well, if you think these people are not good enough and keep running away from you, then why not take a servant who fits your qualification?
The study also shows higher rates of running away among female and black youth.
In fact, they contend that a history of running away "may be an important social characteristic in adolescents' medical histories.
Vice President of the Recruiting Agents Association, Adel Harb, said that there are around 75,000 foreign domestic workers in Jordan, with 5,000-6,000 unaccounted for after running away from their employersAAE houses.
Kevin Firth, director of the LPS, says: "Firstly we would advise tenants that running away from financial difficulties is never the best way to deal with them.
This article describes a functional, behaviour analytic approach to reducing running away through assessing the motivations for running away, involving the young people in the assessment process and implementing interventions to enhance the reinforcing value of placements for adolescents, thereby reducing the probability of running away and associated unsafe periods.
With so many people running away, everybody knows somebody who has been affected.