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This was a routine runthrough of well-documented events, including preposterous courtroom reconstructions showing an out-of-focus Ken clone silently giving evidence - tickling stick in hand.
And the close to sell-out crowd got what they wanted - a runthrough of the man's greatest hits from the song which sent him to the top 25 years ago, Bat Out Of Hell through to classics like Dead Ringer For Love and Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.
Last week's session in studio was a technical runthrough to trial games.
The star dropped in just as they finished a runthrough of new single Just The Way (That You Do It).
By this point the team of six artists have been hard at work for nearly two hours but with the runthrough about to take place and the show due to start in half an hour they are in overdrive.
It seems to have paid off, with the Welsh players looking full of zip and buoyant at yesterday's final runthrough at the Millennium Stadium
He went to see a performance of the show on Saturday and this morning he will work with the company on a runthrough for his own performance.
DOCTOR TWO Tennant and Smith at a script runthrough
She has around seven projects at various stages at the moment, including Stockholm, a twohander about domestic violence for the touring company Frantic Assembly, which she was hurrying to get finished before coming to Birmingham to watch a runthrough of Uncle Vanya.
If the latter should not be feasible or financially viable, and the Metro does runthrough the city centre streets, all the buses in Corporation Street - covering many areas of the city and beyond - will be removed.
As Ginger Spice, she came across as the loudest, brashest and toughest of the Girls but admits she broke down in tears while watching the first runthrough of the eagerly anticipated musical Viva Forever