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Upon removal, two-thirds of the implants had contractures and 43% had ruptured, said Dr.
Starting on an unknown fault, it ruptured almost due northward for 20 kilometers and then turned northwest for another 50 kilometers, all told involving four different faults, says Sieh, who led a team of geologists in mapping the rupture where it reached the surface.
When this long stretch of the San Andreas ruptured in 1906, the resulting earthquake reached an estimated magnitude of more than 8.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - Workers suctioned crude oil out of Pyramid Lake on Thursday as experts tried to gauge environmental damage done by a 126,000-gallon spill from a ruptured pipeline.
If huge compressional quakes have ruptured the area in centuries past, subduction could be much farther along, she says.
The oil came from a ruptured pipeline near Interstate 5 that was weakened and exposed by the strong storms in February.
17, 1994, when a hidden fault ruptured more than 10 miles below the surface of the San Fernando Valley.
Last week's temblor ruptured a section of the San Andreas that runs through mountains east of Santa Cruz.
CHATSWORTH - A ruptured natural gas line at a construction site prompted the partial evacuation of a condominium complex Friday and caused nausea, difficulty breathing and sore throats for 13 people.
Geophysicists Jim Savage, Mike Lisowski and Will Prescott have measured the strain accumulating since 1980 at two Aleutian gaps: the Shumagin gap, which ruptured in 1788, 1847 and possibly 1903; and the Yakataga gap, which last ruptured in 1899.