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Ruptured superficial dorsal vein of the penis masquerading as a penile fracture: Case report.
We have also set up a scanning service where PIP patients can find out on the day whether their implants have ruptured.
The differential diagnosis included a ruptured ovarian artery aneurysm.
Ruptured uterus in pregnancy: a Canadian hospital's experience.
the fault ruptured, probably starting offshore near Daly City, Beroza speculates.
One new finding about the 1906 quake is that the San Andreas fault split apart, or ruptured, faster than scientists had assumed at the time.
New analyses of seismic data gathered during the 1906 quake, as well as field observations made soon thereafter, suggest that the San Andreas fault ruptured much more quickly than scientists had previously estimated.
Eight of these dogs ate the bait, and another 6 ruptured the plastic sachet.
By the time it ruptured 14 years later (a common occurrence with older saline and silicone implants) (11), she was relieved.
McClelland D, Maffulli N: Percutaneous repair of ruptured Achilles tendon.
Patients with a history of abdominal hysterectomy most often ruptured through the vaginal vault, while those who had undergone vaginal hysterectomies were most likely to rupture through an apex associated with an enterocele.