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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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Yet the realist alternative to this ideology equally sustains a sedentary category--'rural Ireland'--and there is ample evidence in The Great Hunger to suggest that Kavanagh was not comfortable with the realist ruralism for which he and other writers (principally those associated with The Bell) were becoming known.
Our New Ruralism products have generated significant interest, and we are continuing to refine our thinking and our approach.
JOE is introducing an additional New Ruralism product line called WireGrass Preserves designed as recreational communities of 50- to 150-acre tracts appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and used for fishing, hunting, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and family gatherings.
Conor McCarthy uses these terms in arguing that there is a latent and hypocritical ruralism in Bolger's somewhat confused retreat from modernity (while simultaneously pretending to champion the urban world); McCarthy, p.
Two personal interests would intrude into this chronicle of Britishness, ruralism and village life: Spencer's own deep religious conviction, and an admiration for the earliest Italian Renaissance artists, in particular Giotto (1267-1337) who had rejected fanciful embellishments to depict directly from life.
Now, the magazine helps you find your place in the New Ruralism trend -- the increased migration toward these areas -- with a five-step plan of action:
Davidson seeks to undermine the escapist, distortive ruralism that used the Scottish community as a source of nostalgia and continuity in the face of rapid economic and industrial change.
In such circumstances, schools were unlikely to have accomplished all that much, especially when the citizenship they tried to teach, based as it was on visions of a consensual community set in a mythically romanticized ruralism, flew so obviously in the face of the daily experience of working-class children.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- If you haven't already heard the term "New Ruralism," you will soon.
JOE Land has brought us creative new ways to market rural recreational land including our New Ruralism products: RiverCamps, WhiteFence Farms and Florida Ranches.