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On the night we were to put our ruse into effect, Charley and I took up our usual station in our rowing skiff alongside the Lancashire Queen.
This ruse will be discovered later," he cheerfully explained, "when they check up my weights, measurements, and other personal identification data, but it will be several months before this is done and our mission should be accomplished or have failed long before that time.
As to the small ruse which I played upon you in the matter of the envelope, it is clear that, had I told you all my intentions, I should have been forced to resist unwelcome pressure to travel out with you.
In November 2000, the City of Gordon, Nebraska, filed a petition to condemn a portion of property owned by the Ruses for use in the construction, operation, and maintenance of a municipal well field.
Escontrias is warning the public to be careful of similar ruses and asks that any other victims call him with information at (213) 485-2524.
Whether evolution and faith both belong in these debates is the subject for Michael Ruses Can a Darwinian be a Christian?
If you presume that vulgar motives normally underlie great affairs of state, The Ruses for War(*) is the V book for you.