rush off

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So before you rush off and sign up, be fully aware of their terms and conditions.
The MG is a really fun car to drive and it's great to get such an adrenaline rush off stage,' said Jenny.
It almost hides the true horror of the "I'm Going to Disneyland" buy, as the likes of Joe Montana rush off the field after winning a national championship, all pumped up to say the right thing when the plant gives out with "Whaddaya gonna do now?
Acupuncture and other traditional Oriental medicine therapies are gaining momentum and popularity at a rapid pace, but it's important not to rush off to a practitioner without proper research," said Kory Ward-Cook, Ph.
A LIFEBOAT crewman's funeral was interrupted when 30 mourners had to rush off to an emergency.
Apart from going to visit her daily there have been times I have had to rush off to see her twice in one day.
IT'S not every day you rush off to spend a penny and find yourself disturbed by a desperate pop princess.
At times, so is O'Connor: He has just finished with string camp in San Diego, will rush off to London to premiere his ``Sixth Violin Concerto'' on Monday with Academy of St.
And he had to rush off soon after for an ankle operation.
But the 63-year-old actress, who plays "M" in the Bond films, had to rush off afterwards to return to the side of husband Michael Williams, 63, at their London home because he was too ill to travel.