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And Warwick Dunn (needs 96 yards for 1,000) and Mike Alstott face the league's 28th- ranked rushing defence.
The left tackle will allow the rushing end to go and then slide to the outside, giving the punter a window in which to pass the ball to him.
Snapshot: The Cowboys need to get the defence healthy, while Emmitt Smith has hit the skids with just 50 rushing yards (44 and six) over the last two games.
Drive your inside arm under or over and keep speed rushing.
Snapshot: The defences are tied 21st in the rankings, but Tennessee have an edge with their sixth-ranked rushing offence.
Bears have won the last five in the series, but QB Steve Strensom lacks experience and James Allen, promoted from the practice squad, may have to take on rushing duties with Edgar Bennett hampered by a back injury.
Snapshot: Any team which is 26th on rushing offence and 29th on rushing defence is in big trouble.