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She said: "My own taste leans toward a refined rusticity, a look easily accomplished with pre-loved pieces, whisper-soft colours, romantic accents, eloquent objects and a 'do it yourself ' attitude.
Italian wines are great value wines, work well with food, are interesting, thought provoking and offer that classic rusticity people look for when they drink old world wine," says Kyle Showen, wine director and buyer at Red Velvet Wine Bar, a 20-plus-seat wine bar in San Diego, California.
Corydon laments his situation, blames his rusticity and comes to the conclusion that it is better to busy himself with daily chores and wait for another Alexis.
Natural acts: gender, race, and rusticity in country music.
The prohibition of the use of antibiotic growth promoters in chickens determines the research of alternatives that decrease the susceptibility of animals to environmental conditions and lost of rusticity achieved as a consequence of the improvement of productive rates.
I love Pommery the way it is because of its rusticity -- it's the closest a mustard can get to the incomparable taste of the kashundi .
While films set in the South have frequently exploited the region's rurality as a key to its Southern chauvinism, its rusticity is also viewed positively.
The difficulties of life in the Forest of Arden were also made clear, its rusticity perhaps most effectively epitomized by Geoffrey Freshwater's delightfully grumpy Corin, who skinned an actual rabbit onstage during the interval, much to the horror of many audience members.
How, for instance, does the rusticity of Teiok Melano, compared to the elite Malay culture of Kuching--due to distance--enhance our understanding of the dynamics of international demarcation, or vice-versa?
While this modern rusticity might look like an ironic, insouciant riff on Troves' half-timbered heritage, it's just as much a thoughtful response to constructional economy and efficiency.