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Scholes looked rustier than the bridge on the Titanic, as seven men were clean bowled, and the forward defensive looked about as extinct as the dodo.
THERE'S money in old scrap - and in agricultural circles, often the rustier it is, the better it sells.
The colour of the rock on the outcrop surface often corresponds to the colour of a weathered rock, having paler and sometimes rustier tints than the true colour of the fresh rock.
NEARLY a decade old and this series is getting decidedly rustier.
Oxx said earlier in the week that Shalapour is "a little rustier than he was going into the Irish Derby", but he points out that the colt has been working well and is in good form.
It's prudent for us, as Castro gets older and his regime gets rustier, to start thinking about the fate of millions of people in Cuba who one day will be free.
Plus, four months after 'hole through,' a cave-in occurred in the Rustier Fault at the location of the modified steel ribs and resulted in a four-month delay to the project completion.
Admittedly, my Ojibway is much rustier than it should be and I was momentarily perplexed by the phrase and couldn't come up with an English translation.