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THE PARTHENON came out in its next number patting itself on the back for the stir it had made, sneering at Sir John Value, and exploiting Brissenden's death with ruthless commercialism.
The fierce Sir Hugh Calverley, with his yellow mane, and the rugged Sir Robert Knolles, with their war-hardened and veteran companies of English bowmen, headed the long column; while behind them came the turbulent bands of the Bastard of Breteuil, Nandon de Bagerant, one-eyed Camus, Black Ortingo, La Nuit and others whose very names seem to smack of hard hands and ruthless deeds.
But, as it is, harsh (29) old age will soon enshroud you -- ruthless age which stands someday at the side of every man, deadly, wearying, dreaded even by the gods.
In that ruthless light, the advantages of her elegant clothes and graceful carriage were suddenly stripped away from her.
How shall I preserve my fleeting youth if you break in upon it in this ruthless manner?
By exercising his agency with ruthless defiance he procured for himself the appearances of power and personal prestige.
The shattering violence of destruction which had made of that body a heap of nameless fragments affected his feelings with a sense of ruthless cruelty, though his reason told him the effect must have been as swift as a flash of lightning.
If we go by mere facts then the subject is Falk's attempt to get married; in which the narrator of the tale finds himself unexpectedly involved both on its ruthless and its delicate side.
QUEEN'S PARK boss Gus MacPherson revealed a half time pep talk helped his men find their ruthless streak.
GARY Brabin bemoaned the lack of a ruthless streak in his side after watching Tranmere lose 1-0 at home to Dover Athletic.
Rotherham got off the mark with a win over Cardiff last week and the midfielder is calling on his team-mates to be more ruthless at Birmingham.
With Thoughtfully Ruthless, Val Wright is the right expert whose voice and experience will help CEOs and leaders understand how being ruthless in a thoughtful way about one's time, energy and resources is the greatest control over the speed of their growth," said Jeanenne Ray, editor of "Thoughtfully Ruthless," Wiley.