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The Nationalists will ruthlessly exploit Andy Kerr and Kate McLean's decision to cave in and back the under fire Transport Minister Sarah Boyack in a crunch vote.
Later, Madonna dedicated the terrific ``Secret'' to Costner, who she famously and ruthlessly insulted in her 1991 backstage documentary ``Truth or Dare.
BOOKMAKERS were ruthlessly offering odds on who would take Kevin Keegan's job within minutes of England crashing out.
China allows its citizens no political rights and ruthlessly suppresses all dissent.
NICK Faldo's US Open dream was ruthlessly written off last night by the man who once hero-worshipped him.
In today's ruthlessly competitive world, you need information at the point of commerce, such as the salesperson on the road or even the customer," says Paul Miller, Practice Director for Web Applications of systems-integrator Encore Development (www.
A wealthy and powerful family whose sense of entitlement tends to trample common decency, the Doones ruthlessly lord it over the modest town of Exmoor and much of the West Country, sort of the 17th-century equivalent of Florida today.
Ahead of the unveiling of the team on Tuesday, Tobiko urged the Kenya Forest Service board to ensure the moratorium on logging is enforced ruthlessly.
Conservationist Shahriyar Baig said several waterfowl species of the world fame were also endangered, which migrated from Siberia to Chitral in the early days of the spring season, as they're ruthlessly hunted in Chitral for which the local hunters raised artificial ponds along the river.
If there ever is to be a ruthlessly candid dialogue it is likely to be of little benefit to either side and exacerbate already fractious relationships.
Area people overpowered and beat them up ruthlessly after which one of the suspects died while the other was injured.