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63) In his work he expounded on "the way the divine ointment is sacredly handled.
but, on the contrary, that the state of war is precisely that for which they are provided, and during which they are to be as sacredly observed as the most acknowledged articles in the law of nature or nations.
According to Smith, Hanskaska is the Lakota word describing a society of head men who had earned the privilege to wear a sacredly ornamented shirt.
According to them, the protest has two parts: the naked part, which symbolises the vulnerability of the road users and the wrapped-up part, in which the steely determination of those who participate, is sacredly hidden in the psychological realm inside a casket of collective passion.
In other words, one can't always mutualize one's way to success because the merits of collaboration, and even sacredly held relationships, have limits.
But the Constitution which at any time exists, 'till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People, is sacredly obligatory upon all.
Gouri's poem is another classic example of the ways in which modern Jewish writers re-envision sacredly held myths.
Every player carries with him some means to derive positive energy as sacredly as their fitness.
Prior to her death, Elizabeth learns silently and sacredly to hold several contrarieties in equal and opposite tension.
It is not true that people will accept everyone who raises the slogan of Islam and bow to him sacredly.
18) Human rights norms rest on the sacredly tinged language of human dignity.
One WMU group clearly stated this conservative bent in its aim to support "patriotism and national prohibition, maintaining the Sabbath observance, keeping the home inviolate, lifting high the moral standards of womanhood and young life in home and society, sacredly guarding them against prevalent ideas in dress and conduct, urging a general re-establishment of the family altar and assisting Christian Americanization, better industrial conditions as regards women and children, public health and purity of life.