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Now with the citing allegedly of police delays also it is time to revisit this and how much more pressing a subject, than the last thing one can do for a family member before sacredly taking leave of one's loved one, can there be?
Loving memories of Moira are held sacredly in the hearts of her mother Hilda Bibby; sisters Janette, Carole and Julia; brothers in law Barry and Keith; cousin Brian, niece and nephews.
He has, after all, compelled a child--one still too young to grasp either the flesh or the spirit--to stimulate the passions of bodies and of souls simultaneously, to do, that is, the grown-up jazz-preacher work of exciting and tending the audience/congregation's passionate, sacredly profane mysteries.
What they are doing is putting a figure on a horse's best performance, not attempting to ascribe some sacredly intrinsic rating that accurately reflects innate ability.
It is morally and aesthetically adamant, most of all because it is sacredly ontological.
and the atmosphere was redolent with peace and happiness although so short a time had elapsed, the mother appeared like a very different woman; she had signed the pledge and most sacredly kept it (Augustus, 1972: 12).
PML-N chief said that we would have to keep country interests sacredly and personal interests could not be preferred by keeping country interests aside, warning, we would not allow the government to do so.
The proposal stated that the Islamic Conference "believes that the attack on sacredly held beliefs and the defamation of religions, religious symbols, personalities and dogmas impinge on the enjoyment of human rights of followers of those religions.
That all their civil and religious liberties and privileges will be sacredly respected.
Like fleeting cherry blossoms, almost sacredly ephemeral, the transience of hevel inspires Kohelet's existential transformation.
Their content is performed largely uncontested: Marchen by virtue of it being understood as fiction (and thus to contest its veracity is redundant), and myth by virtue of it being understood as sacredly true (and thus to contest its veracity is anathema).
So I wouldn't be surprised if the new 'foreign diplomat' is a member of the Christofias team, which is sacredly adhering to the embargo.